Three Steps to a Custom Knife Quote

  1. Send us a drawing or sketch of the end view of the wood profile that you are making.

    We require the overall width and the thickest of the profile included.
    If you are able to supply a CAD drawing then this will speed up our reply to you.

    (sample drawing received)

    by email:
    by Text: 1-902-899-5456 (text only)
    by Fax: 1-902-893-7890
  2. Let us know the make and model of your machine.

  3. Receive your Quote

    Normally, we will send a technical drawing with the quote.
    Check over the technical drawing and quote.
    Please note that not all drawings transmit to scale.
    Either approve the drawing, or make required changes with measurements, and send the revised drawing back to us.

    (sample of our technical drawing)

    Over 90% of custom knives are made within one full business day

    Payment options will be in the quote.

    If you include your shipping address then we will include shipping options in your quote.

    Wood Samples

    You can send us a wood sample, however there is an extra $20 (CDN$25) charge per wood sample, as we then require an extra step in our manufacturing process.
    A legitimate value for a small wood sample is $1 each (if asked when shipping).