We make ordering custom knives fast and simple.

  • You can email an outline of the end view of the molding that you are looking to make. Email: sales@moldingknives.com.

  • We will need the widest and thickest points of the molding indicated on your email. Our computer program will then scale out the molding in case there is any distortion in transmission. We will go off of your drawing, so if you think that your tracing is off a little then any additional measurements (ie: size of radius) that you can provide us will be helpful.

  • Please provide the make and model of the molder that you are running. In the case of either a Woodmaster or an RBI machine, please let us know if you are running the single, double, or triple knife cutterhead.

  • In the case of insert shaper knives, please let us know which make/ model of shaper head you are using.

We will then send you a technical drawing with a price quote. We will normally have a custom drawing and quote back to you within two hours. Custom orders are made within one full business day upon your approval.

Other options:

If you would like to send us CAD drawings, we accept DWG and DXF files.

Over 95% of our custom knives are made by drawings alone. If you would like to send us an actual wood sample then you can send it too. If you are sending an actual sample, please try to pick a piece that is in good shape, with the pattern all there. Severe damage, weathering, cracks, or other defects may diminish the ability to develop an accurate CAD file for your knife:

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Clifton, NS
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We also make blades for extrusion machines and machines for other industries in addition to the woodworking industry.

If we do not make blades for your type of industry then we will be happy to suggest where you may find them.